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Sieger Breeding is a family-owned business with a passion for breeding German Shepherds. Our family has been breeding animals for decades and we've grown to love the German Shepherd breed, particularly the show line. Our family originated in Romania, where our love for animals and breeding began.

As breeders, we only deal with top Champion German Shepherd bloodlines. Our dogs are well-suited to various disciplines, such as service dogs for the disabled, therapy dogs for the terminally ill, SAR (Search and Rescue), and personal protection for individuals, and family companions. We believe that a well-chosen German Shepherd can heal and enhance the lives of people in many ways.

Our German Shepherds are beautiful, courageous, extremely intelligent, and protective of their families. We treat our dogs like part of our family and ensure that they are very socialized with kids and adults alike.

At Sieger Breeding, we hope to help you find your new best friend. All our puppies have been well-socialized with children and adults and will make a wonderful addition to any family.

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